Breakfast PlateWho doesn't love a hearty breakfast or lunch -- especially one you don't have to prepare yourself? The unsung heroes of Perry Wellness Center are surely the kitchen staff and peer leaders, who are required to serve breakfast and lunch menus each day that are both tasty and healthy.


Cafeteria workers must rely on a changing seasonal array of menu items. As the bright summer produce becomes the earthier foods of fall, kitchen workers incorporate these fresh foods into daily meals, along with fresh-frozen staples such as peas or beans. Food is served in keeping with the principles of farm to table. 

A wellness program such as PWC also places a premium on a healthy and nutritious food environment. We are happy to report that our latest kitchen health department rating was 100/A. Notes Stuart Perry, “We are proud of our kitchen staff and the many top ratings they have obtained in recent inspections.”

Regardless of the time of year, breakfast plates are a favorite at Perry Wellness Center. In the photo above, kitchen staff leader Shaneshia Edge displays a plate of grits, sausage, eggs, and juice.

PharmaCentra ExhibitOne of this area’s largest employers is PharmaCentra, a marketing and communications provider for healthcare and insurance providers throughout the country. As part of its service to its employees, the company hosted a Health & Wellness Fair last week. We are pleased that Perry Wellness Center was asked to participate in their fair, providing information to employees on our organization, as well as nutritional education.

Phyllis Smith, Perry Wellness Center Wellness Coach, and Essie Fulks, Certified Peer Specialist shared information at the wellness fair. They shared healthy eating tips and recipes with PharmaCentra employees and offered door prizes from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, including a produce basket, potted mums, and pumpkin, and fall gourds.

In the photo above, Essie Fulks, CPS mans the Perry Wellness Center booth at the PharmaCentra Health and Wellness Fair on October 9.

If you would like to learn more about PharmaCentra, please check out their website.

halloween calendar vector spider 33783857October is always a busy month at Perry Wellness Center. The market puts on its fall colors and sells seasonal produce and décor to an influx of customers. Groups of peers plan for weekend events such as local fairs. And – most importantly – Perry Wellness Center celebrates Halloween! One day of celebration is not enough, so every year a week of fall revelry is designated for Halloween themed events.

This year is no exception. The October calendar includes costume days for the annual Spirit Weeks on campus. They include:


October 21 – Favorite Sports Team Day

October 22 – Twin and Group Day

October 23 – Favorite Decade Day

October 24 – Favorite Character Day

October 25 – Costumes Day

Peers and staff are encouraged to get into the spirit of the week (pun intended!) by wearing costumes or clothing that reflects the day’s theme. On Friday, October 25, costume winners will be announced.

Here's to a fun Spirit Week for everyone!

Community OutreachAt a recent morning discussion group, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry took time to praise peers and staff for their activities on behalf of mental health. Nowhere is their community interaction more evident than at the market.

“Because of the increasing activity at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, our peers and staff have stepped up their greeting of customers,” he noted. “Our market has worked to assure customers that individuals with mental illness are not a threat. Thank you all!”

Most people probably think of the market as a fund-raising activity for PWC. It certainly is, providing funds for activities and materials, as well as providing a direct income source for peers who sell their goods. But the market was established primarily to serve as a place for community and peer interactions in an effort to reduce stigma, help socialize peers, and create greater outreach. With the establishment of the mobile market, outreach has spread into surrounding communities as well.

During the group discussion, it was suggested that “thank you” cards might be designed and presented to all customers at Happy Patch Market. All peers agreed to the suggestion and Stuart applauded the plan.

Other community outreach activities include participation in area church activities, volunteer clean-up efforts, participation in community events such as parades and fairs, and collecting for community donations.

In the photo above, Stuart Perry expresses his appreciation to discussion group participants.

Hubbard BirthdayAt Perry Wellness Center, Rhonda Hubbard is a popular peer with staff, other peers, and visitors, including former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, who has enjoyed Rhonda’s guided tours of the campus and is sure to purchase Rhonda’s crafts when they are for sale at the market.

Recently, the peer leader and official campus tour guide has been out after surgery. We are happy to report that she is doing well and look forward to her return to PWC. However, a group of friends from the center couldn’t wait a moment more to see Rhonda when her birthday rolled around last week. This smiling group delivered a birthday cake and giant card signed by peer and staff well-wishers.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is a fan. He had a few words to say for the occasion: “Rhonda has been with us for several years. She has been excited to welcome visitors to Perry Wellness Center. Today is her birthday, and we all wish her a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. I have been told that Rhonda is eager to return.”

And everyone at PWC is eager to have you back, Rhonda. Belated birthday greetings, and get well soon!


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