Assembly LineWe tend to think of an assembly line operating in factory settings, but Rudy’s Happy Patch Market staff and peers recently demonstrated the technique in recent preparations for the next plant selling season.

When the first of two trailer loads of fresh plants arrived at the market, folks sprang into action. The plants – primarily trees and bushes – needed to be off-loaded from the truck and then placed in separate locations. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry monitored the delivery and encouraged participation by all.

The weather was cloudy, and a light drizzle began as an assembled chain of individuals began the off-loading process. However, speedy work was accomplished.

Stuart explained, “This as an ‘all involved’ project. We began with one plant placement by a single peer. Shortly after, a staff member set up the assembly line that allowed a quicker unloading.”

The truckload consisted of azaleas, camellias, boxwood, dogwoods, blueberries, and agapanthus. Other varieties of plants will be delivered later this week.

“The plants look great and will soon be ready for selection and planting by our supportive customers,” Stuart said. “I hope there will be many Snow Ball plants. They were our best seller last year, and we brought all we could.”

After unloading of the first load, Stuart invited the assembled to the cafeteria for Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. After all, every assembly line needs coffee breaks!

In the photo above, Perry Wellness Center peers and staff line up to receive and pass plants heading for inventory at the spring market.

Monday Goal GroupAs peer needs and interests change, staff-led groups at Perry Wellness Center are also changing to provide more relevant education and information. One such group is the Monday morning Goals Group. Led by certified peer specialist Randi Duncan, the group is designed to assist peers in meeting their personal goals.

Each day, peers are invited to visit with Randi in order to help construct a list of possible topics for discussion in the next morning group. Next Monday, the group will discuss ways to resolve personal conflicts.

“I am happy that these guys and girls share with me about current causes and concerns,” the group leader says. “We will change as they wish.”

When the current construction project on campus is completed in coming weeks, a more diverse listing of discussion groups will be possible. In the meantime, the Monday morning Goals Group will continue to be a forum for discussion and hard work on meeting peer goals.

In the above photo, peers gather for discussion group with Randi Duncan, CPS.

Jumping JacksAs a former star football player at Southland Academy and scholarship player at Troy State University, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry finds that the coaching method of leadership is a natural fit. Watching him interact with peers or staff, one can quickly see that he uses encouragement and direct communication with all.

“All of us like communication and competitive encouragement,” Stuart explains. “Whether it be team competition or personal challenges, spectators should offer encouragement to competitors.”

Much exercise and team sports play takes place in the wellness program, and Stuart is often spotted at a portable platform, encouraging his team to victory. On a recent day at the center, an early morning group warmed up from the cold temperatures with jumping jacks, knee bends, and other exercises designed to loosen cold, tightened muscles. “Coach” Perry stood in the center of the group, calling encouragement to all.

We all need a coach sometimes, whether a sports coach or a life coach. Every day, Stuart Perry demonstrates that he manages both roles well.

Dent HardwareFor over three decades, John Dent, founder and owner of Dent Hardware in Buena Vista, has been involved in promoting positive activities in the community and throughout Marion County. 

One of his recent efforts has become the pop top donation project for the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, through the influence of Perry Wellness Center peer Kaylon Holt. Dent has established his hardware company as a drop-off point for Marion County residents to leave donated pop tops.

He explains, “Since I met and talked with Kaylon Holt, I have been willing for Dent Hardware to collect pop tops for this worthy effort to benefit Ronald McDonald House. We collect aluminum cans but take time to remove the tops before they are bagged.”

As readers know, Kaylon Holt has delivered a record number of pop tops to the non-profit organization – to date, a total of more than 1.3 million. He originally began his recycling project as a fundraiser for the seriously ill father of a close friend, later expanding his effort to benefit the service organization for families of seriously ill children.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry appreciates the support of area businesses, such as Dent Hardware, and takes pride in Kaylon’s dedication.

“Kaylon has been a leader in helping others,” Stuart notes. “At the same time, his efforts have promoted goodness and Perry Wellness Center. He has been on television for his efforts, but the local benefits that Kaylon has promoted are the best of all.”

In the photo above, John Dent of Dent Hardware in Buena Vista, Georgia, presents over 4,000 pop tops that were delivered to his store by a customer. 

New Exercise MachinesWith its committed approach to total wellness, Perry Wellness Center takes exercise seriously. The beginning of a new year brings daily exercise resolutions for many, so the timing of one recent delivery is ideal.

PWC founder and CEO “Coach” Stuart Perry made the announcement: “We now have three new exercise machines I our classroom area – and two more on the way. We got the Weslo Momentum treadmill, the Cadence and the Pursuit fitness walker.” Stuart noted that all the machines have had their operational instructions explained, and they are being closely monitored by staff members until all clients have learned to use the machines safely.

Looking toward the future, Stuart added, “We have some older machines that are in storage, and we will have a new gym area in our building expansion.”

In addition to working out on machines, peers and staff pursue many other types of daily exercise. When the weather is warmer, many enjoy such activities as tennis, volleyball, basketball, and group walks. But on cold days like today, nothing beats getting a cardio workout in the comfort of the indoors!

In the photo above, Tamikia Brown, CPS, Essie Fulks, Destiny Allen, and Laurie Slaton take their first turns on new exercise machines.


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