Ewheel ScooterAs Perry Wellness Center establishes its routine once again, many peers embrace the structure they obtain in their lives through the daily program. Some go the extra mile to make sure they maintain regular attendance.


James Goss is one such individual. As Stuart Perry describes him, “James has been a peer at Perry Wellness Center for over eight years and sets a positive pace in his recovery.”


James also believes in arriving in style. He has mobility challenges and, until recently, relied on a walker to help him get around campus. About two months ago, he returned to the campus of Perry Wellness Center, after the coronavirus shutdown was lifted, on a shiny new e-wheel mobile scooter.

“I got tired of being slow and late with my walker,” James explains. “So I saved money and bought this scooter.” With a smile, he adds, “I have to be careful, because it is too fast sometimes. I am learning to navigate with it.”


It’s great to see James Goss – and all peers and staff – back at Perry Wellness Center. May we all face our own challenges with as much grit and style as James!

September FlowersAs Southwest Georgia arrives at mid-September, residents prepare for better, cooler weather. At Perry Wellness Center, the only thing about summer that is likely to be missed is the abundance of colorful flowers and other blooming plants.

The campus gardens have survived the hottest, driest days and now are taking on new color with the help of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Hope Park and its stately fountain have been a center point for displaying flower varieties for sale at the market. Now that most of the display has been sold, blooming plants have been relocated to the park area in order to provide an additional, welcoming splash of color.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We always try to welcome customers and friends to Happy Patch and Perry Wellness Center. Bright colors cheer up any day, and it is another way to be sure that market customers ‘leave with a smile.’”

Many summer plants are still available at discounted prices at the market. For a last splash of summer color before fall brings its new palette, stop by!

Catfish DinnerEarlier this week, we told our readers about the celebration of Labor Day by peers and staff and Stuart Perry’s words of welcome.

Today, we’re going to “pull back the curtain” in the Perry Wellness Center kitchen, where certified chef Kelly Jansen presided over the special feast. He oversaw the preparation of a catfish dinner with all the trimmings. The catfish was fresh, with over 100 pounds coming from farmer Walter Hicks, who provides locally grown, farm-raised fish to the enjoyment of many.

Along with his preparation of catfish fillets, Kelly served French fries, baked beans, cold slaw, and hush puppies from his personal recipe. He topped off the summer meal with Rice Krispy treats to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

“I have been away from the kitchen – not food – for a while,” Kelly noted as he began preparations. “Today, I will join peers Monica and Jamica, and lead kitchen staff organizer Arthur, for a fun time, serving good food to peers and staff.

The delicious meal went off a hitch, although the seafood feast caused the loading and departure of transit vans to run late. However, all riders arrived home with a full stomach and pleasant thoughts about Labor Day 2020.

In the photo above, Kelly Jansen, right, and peer associates serve up a tasty lunch to celebrate Labor Day.

Welcome LunchAnyone who knows Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry knows that he enjoys eating a good meal and talking – particularly a speech or prayer. When he can combine them, he is delighted. For example, at the annual Perry family Thanksgiving celebration, Stuart always begins the celebration with a blessing and thanks for all the goodness that has been given to family and friends. These blessings leave family members eager to eat the holiday dishes before they grow cold.

This week, Stuart was once again able to combine good food and good talk at a special Labor Day celebration lunch for peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center. He headed to get his covered plate of fish, hush puppies, French fries, coleslaw, and dessert. But he also stopped along the way to share greetings with everyone he passed, offering each a smiling comment.

As he dug into his meal, Stuart enthused, “I sure am glad (daughter) Amanda’s wedding is over. This meal will add inches to my stomach!”

As plates were served, peers and staff eagerly found their seats at the socially distanced tables and prepared to enjoy their special Labor Day celebration meal.

Work is  a big part of a productive life and part of a total wellness program. At Perry Wellness Center, we provide work opportunities for peers and teach life skills that will assist individuals in having more productive lives, whether in the labor force or in volunteer, social, or recreational activities.

Happy Labor Day to all who help make our communities more productive and to all who support the hard work of peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center.

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