Taco FridayA recent celebratory event at Perry Wellness Center was the result of one enterprising peer setting a goal, creating a plan, and implementing it. While those tasks may sound dry on paper, trust us that the results were – delicious!

Tyshaun Thomas came up with a fun way to celebrate summer at the center. Two months of planning led to a festive taco dinner, complete with free tacos from “Rudy’s Taco Truck” and cheery decorations, Tyshaun enlisted staff members Jamie Minich, Kaylon Holt, and Nicole Jackson to serve up the tacos, and Shanesha Edge did the honors of heading the decorating committee. Cafeteria staff leader Hannah Hunter made fresh homemade salsa, described by one visitor as “the best salsa I have ever eaten.”

Tyshaun’s accomplishment was praised by Ric Vogt, who served as staff facilitator and program monitor for the project. “Tyshaun was advocating for himself and his peers to achieve his goal and make this event a huge success,” she observed. “Goal achievement is one of the main purposes of the peer program at Perry Wellness Center.”

Congratulations to Tyshaun Thomas for achieving his goal – and our thanks for picking one whose achievement everyone could enjoy!

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