Stainless shellersIt’s that time of year again, when the sound of bean shellers fills the air, and shelled peas and beans fill cooler shelves at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. We’ve now retired the big barrel pea and butterbean shellers and are using stainless steel pea and bean shellers instead. They may be a bit slower than the barrel shellers, but provide a cleaner shelling process.

Kelly Jansen, who serves as Staff Leader at the market, explains, “We are welcoming our routine local and area customers to Happy Patch. With the retirement of the barrel shellers, we use three stainless shellers to meet the demand. They are slower, but the peas and beans do not require any other picking or cleaning. It is all good for our customers.”

In the above photo, Cindy Corbin and Kelly Jansen feed plump peas into a stainless steel sheller.

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