A Market Fourth

As the Fourth of July nears, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market is filled with holiday-ready produce, including shelled peas and butterbeans and literally thousands of vine-ripened tomatoes. Many customers stop by these days because of word of mouth about the huge tomato selection, but many other vegetables are available.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Start Perry reports, “It has been hot, but our customers have been loyal and happy to see the tables of tomatoes and other farm-to-table products. The shelled peas and butterbeans have met the demand of customers, and I am proud of our staff for this shelling.”

Better weather is predicted, but the traditionally hot months of July and August in South Georgia cannot be ignored. The market is prepared to cope.

“We still have plants that are being discounted to our customers,” Stuart notes. “Please come to Happy Patch Market and ask about these daily specials.”

In the picture above, covered market tables filled with tomatoes welcome Happy Patch visitors, while watermelons peek from shelves before they head to holiday tables.

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