Costa Rica moveAfter recent visits to the island country of Costa Rica, two members of the Perry Wellness Center family are about to make a more permanent move. Certified peer specialist Randi Duncan and her partner, Cody Matthews, are heading for Central America in October.

For now, anticipation for the big move is mixed with dedication to their current tasks at hand. Cody and Randi are dividing plant seedlings and making them ready for later fall growth. Writing progress note for center peers is also on the agenda.

Randi is clearly excited about the upcoming change as she describes the Costa Rican culture and its horticultural methods. “Their way of life is kind to the economy,” she explains. “They are ‘collectivists’ and have established a healthy way of growing plants. Their perma-culture method of farming encourages the mixing of annuals and perennials for year-round production. It is very interesting, and we want to enjoy their way of living. This current project of plant division and propagation is a way for us to get our fingers in the dirt. I am sure there will be more of this activity in Costa Rica.”

Cody is also excited about the pending relocation. A native of Mauk, Georgia, he is versed in both electronics and farming. “I know that is a unique mix,” he notes, “But I want to broaden my scope about life, go with Randi, and teach English in Costa Rica.”

While we’ll miss them at Perry Wellness Center, we offer Randi and Cody the very best wishes for the future.

In the photo above, Cody Matthews and Randi Duncan undertake some summer replanting, in readiness for the fall season.

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