Tomato CapitalAnyone who has stopped by Rudy’s Happy Patch Market knows that the tomato is king! Several years ago, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry determined that the market would produce year-round tomatoes to satisfy customers.

“Years ago, I realized how much our customers really liked fresh garden tomatoes,” Stuart explains. “I have worked to locate area and state providers who will be sure that we do have these vegetables in our market.”

Large tables of fresh tomatoes fill the busy market. Tomatoes are sold in various sizes, amounts, and degrees of ripeness, to satisfy all customers.

“I came by to get some giant tomatoes,” one customer states. “I plan to have a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich for lunch. Your tomatoes are the largest that I have found and will cover a slice of bread.”

Georgia is known as the peach capital and peanut capital. At Perry Wellness Center, we modestly hope that Rudy’s Happy Patch Market will come to be known as the tomato capital of south Georgia!

In the photo above, clerk Steve Thompson, left, and market manager Kelly Jansen check a table of tomatoes at the south entrance to the market.

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