Thomas Williams 2018As someone who has dealt with the stigma of mental illness, peer Thomas Williams has made it his life’s goal to give to others who may seem “different.” In that way, he is paying it forward at Perry Wellness Center and the larger community.

For example, several months ago, he visited Sumter County Primary School and read a book to Jessica Phillips’ first grade class. (See our March 14, 2018 blog post.) As he continued to demonstrate his desire to help others with his time and skills, Thomas increased his leadership at Perry Wellness Center. 

Now, Thomas has joined the peer campaign to volunteer and better maintain the grounds and facilities of the center. He explains, “Other peers looks and volunteer to do the larger cleaning jobs on the porch and in the classrooms. Staff work hard in the cafeteria and kitchen to maintain the high Georgia Board of Health record. I just do what I can to gather and dispose of smaller pieces of paper and debris.”

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is pleased with the efforts of Thomas and other peers. “It takes all of us, staff and peers, to keep Perry Wellness Center up to a level of cleanliness and safety,” he notes. “Our staff and peers are coming together.”

In the photo above, Thomas Williams checks for possible debris on campus.

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