Monday Current EventsMonday mornings at Perry Wellness Center are a time for catching up with others after the weekend and easing into the week with discussion of current events. Each Monday, morning prayer is followed by peers’ sharing of current events and sharing of information that might improve the week for peers and staff. 

On a recent Monday morning, longtime peer Wanda Liles led the group in prayer and reviewed the statesmanship of recently deceased Senator John McCain. “We thank you for the service of John McCain to our country. We pray for his family at his passing,” she began.

After a discussion about Senator McCain, several peers who attended the recent peer conference on St. Simons Island offered their impressions of the annual event. Several peers provided positive reviews of their experience. Then one peer stood to offer her thanks to friends and other peers for their support at Perry Wellness Center.

Offering positive thoughts is a perfect way to start the busy week. Our thanks to all who contribute!

In the photo above, Perry Wellness Center peers and staff gather in the educational classroom on Monday morning for discussion of current events.

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