Keeping Campus CleanThe drive to keep the Perry Wellness Center campus clean is getting an early start. Due to unusually high temperatures, many peers have begun arriving on campus earlier than usual. The first pick-up van leaves each morning around 6:00 a.m. for longer distance pickups of peers for transport to the center. On arrival, many peers enjoy their first or second cup of morning coffee or a bottle of cold water, before gathering in a shady spot at the front gate of Perry Wellness Center.

As part of an ongoing campaign to keep the campus clean, signs have been placed at various gathering spots, reminding peers and staff to avoid littering and safely dispose of cigarettes. Now the early morning gathering spot has its own reminder:

“PLEASE!! Put your paper trash and cans into the furnished garbage bucket and PLEASE put your cigarette butts in a safe can! Thanks!”

The signs are already being heeded – thanks, everyone!

 In the photo above, peers gather in a tree-shaded spot before the busy day begins. Left to right are: Thomas Williams, Sylvia Ford, Grover Thornton, Sydennia Billingslea, James Goss, and Irving Cook.

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