Crazy Hat Day 2018As we previewed on Monday, Halloween Spirit Week is a special time at Perry Wellness Center. It combines a celebration of the holiday and fall season, along with an opportunity for peers to be creative and express their diverse personalities.

Yesterday was Crazy Hat Day on campus. As the name indicates, it was a day for peers and staff to don their favorite, silliest hats. Many individuals got into the spirit of the day, including PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. Appropriately, he wore a hat labeled “Conductor.” It helped convey the message that he is “loading the recovery train” for individuals with mental illness or substance abuse problems. 

Stuart looks forward to this time of year, with its procession of holidays. He says, “We use these holidays as a way of providing involvement for our peers and staff. Our peers and staff learn the meaning of the holidays, and we want to give everyone a chance to get involved.




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