Hauling woodLast week we told our readers about the efforts of market manager Kelly Jansen to help out post-hurricane debris and fallen limbs. If you thought we were just talking about the Perry Wellness Center campus, this photo may help demonstrate the actual scope of the clean-up efforts.

Volunteer peers and staff from Perry Wellness Center literally took out a trailer to gather wood from street sides around town. Stuart Perry saw a win-win situation in such a task: the center would help the City of Americus in the task of stacking and removing wood, clearing roadways in the process. In addition, wood which was hauled off in the PWC trailer could be used on campus for the firepit, a favorite fall and winter hangout.

Stuart explains, “I wanted to encourage our peers and staff to help with this cleanup. We have tried to make the damage of Hurricane Michael be a learning experience. We have learned more about bad weather awareness, being attentive to local weather channels, and how to help with cleanup. This hurricane was a learning experience for us all.”

Here peer volunteers and staff at Perry Wellness Center greet the filled trailer to help unload and place the wood on the northern boundary of the campus. 

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