Journaling GoalsAs 2018 ends and people’s thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions, Perry Wellness Center peers may be more prepared than most to tackle this task. As part of their recovery program, they routinely establish personal goals. They are formally reviewed with staff every six months, as a way to evaluate progress and determine the need for any new goals.

However, peers and staff work together on an ongoing basis to be mindful of goal setting and achievement. During a recent Monday morning group, several clients gathered to evaluate their progress and establish goals for the coming week. They used personal journals to record their thoughts, as they reflected with staff on how they could take better charge of their lives.

As the year draws to a close, the challenge for us all is to live our best lives during the coming year, taking responsibility for making reasonable plans and goals to guide us, and following the best strategies we can determine to achieve them.

Happy New Year!

In the photo above, Brittany McCumber, CPS, works with peer leader Rhonda Hubbard to ready notebooks and pens for peers’ Monday morning journal entries.

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