Encouragement treeChristmas decorations are packed away for another year. Christmas trees have been whisked away and wreaths taken down. On the campus of Perry Wellness Center, one holiday reminder remains on the entrance gates to the center.

Creator Jeff Williams says, “I did these ‘encouragement’ tree designs at Christmas, but these words are year-round reminders for our peers, staff, and public about attitudes in life.”

Jeff serves as the creative designer for Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. His creations can be readily identified by their bright colors, whimsical features, and positive sentiments. The encouragement trees are no exception.

“I chose “I AM for the top sign,” Jeff explains. “We must be reminded that we should live in the present, and should be HAPPY, SMART, FEARLESS, and INCREDIBLE each day of our lives (as the tiers of the tree spell out). We try to remind our peers of these emotions, but I thought it would be a good reminder for all.”

Here in the January sunshine, Jeff Williams stops at the northeast gate to the market to point out an encouragement tree sign.

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