Angel GriffinPerry Wellness Center is pleased to introduce its newest intern, Angel Alesia Griffin. A young woman who has a clear idea of her academic and professional goals, Alicia is currently a student at Georgia Southwestern State University, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology. 

A native of Valdosta, Georgia, Angel explains how she arrived in Americus: “I did my work on researching the best sites for my undergraduate work in this field. After graduation from GSW, I plan to enroll at Columbus State University or Albany State University to get my master’s degree in clinical psychology.”

Angel immediately impressed staff at the center when she interviewed for her internship, and was hired on November 26 – which just happened to be her birthday!

“My hiring at Perry Wellness Center was a great gift!” she exclaims. “When I first visited Perry Wellness Center, I was impressed. I like what you guys do to help others, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

The dedicated undergraduate praises PWC for its commitment to life improvement and notes that cordiality of staff members. “I wish you had a place like Perry Wellness Centre in Valdosta,” she notes. “When I was going through mental health issues, it would have been great to know I could attend a place like this.”

When asked about her recommendations for making improvements to the program, Angel replies, “I can think of nothing really that you could do to improve. You already have recognition as the top mental health provider in Georgia.”

After a pause, she does offer one quiet suggestion: “May I suggest transition to a 24-hour site for your clients?”

Perry Wellness Center is lucky to have an intern who is positive, observant, and ready to be a contributing member of the team. Thanks for joining us, Angel!

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