Splitting WoodSometimes a good deed benefits not only the recipient, but the one who performs it. Such was the case when volunteers from Perry Wellness Center helped out as part of a clean-up brigade after hurricane winds struck the local area last fall. Now the downed tree limbs that the volunteers gathered serve as firewood that warms peers and staff around the campus fire pit. With recent below-normal temperatures, the additional warmth is welcomed.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry notes, “I am proud that we had a team of staff and peers to drive over some streets in Americus to collect downed trees. That effort helped clean the roads and street of Americus. Now it is providing heat for our peers and staff.”

On a recent cold and windy morning, a group gathered on the north end of the campus to chop and carry additional firewood to the large pavilion heater that is a popular gathering place in colder months. Staff member Bob Ledbetter (pictured, left) split seasoned oak wood, while peers Awan Smith and Raymond Davis carried the cut wood to the pavilion.

It really IS the gift that keeps on giving!

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