Sumter Primary 2019One of the benefits of the large amount of documentation which Perry Wellness Center must complete is the additional funding received by a local primary school.  How does one lead to the other? We’re glad you asked!


With printers running constantly to copy documents that must be filed or mailed, the center goes through ink cartridges at a rapid pace. When sufficient spent cartridges are amassed, they are periodically taken to a local school for recycling. Funds received by the school for the donated cartridges are then used to buy needed school materials, including art supplies. Sumter County schools have long been good community partners with Perry Wellness Center, helping with adult literacy efforts and other mutual concerns.


Recently, PWC representatives traveled to Sumter County Primary School to donate a number of larger network printer cartridges and smaller personal printer cartridges. Staff member Mulkey McMichael was accompanied by peer leader Rhonda Hubbard for the presentation. As Mulkey explained, “There are few people in Sumter County that Rhonda Hubbard does not know. Her smile and chatter are great icebreakers on these community trips.”


Receiving the cartridges were (pictured from left, above): Dr. April Smith, Principal of Sumter County Primary School; Rhonda Hubbard, Mohan Gugulothu, Assistant Principal; and Brandi Roland, school counselor.

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