New flower displayAs the last full month of winter settles in, Perry Wellness Center is in full planning mode for spring. Founder and CEO Stuart Perry and artist/construction guru Jeff Williams have put their heads together once again, and nails are already being pounded for a new, multi-level plant display. The display will be located street-side – not coincidentally in an area where Christmas trees were displayed just a few weeks ago.


Stuart explains, “I have heard many good things about showing the Christmas trees in front of our main buildings. To increase the already great customer market for our geraniums, seasonal plants, shrubs, and trees, Jeff is building a new display that will be easier for our customers.”


Jeff added, “The multi-level display will be covered with a shade cloth. In the summer, the western sun is hot. We must protect our plants from intense heat. Already we have sprinklers to cover the new display.”


Jeff notes that the new display will serve as a reminder of the displays that Stuart’s family once filled with home-grown plants at the gas station they once operated in nearby Marion County.


“Stuart wants to sit on the front porch and see color and celebrate the many plans they had at the Standard Oil station in Buena Vista,” Jeff says. “I am trying to place it on the street side so that drive-by citizens can also be reminded of our inventory.” Sounds like a plan!


In the photo above, Jeff Williams works on his latest creative construction project.

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