Fountain repair 2019In recent weeks, our readers have been kept informed about the facelift our campus is receiving. From repainted murals to reconstructed garden beds, the grounds of Perry Wellness Center and Rudy's Happy Patch Market are preparing for a beautiful springtime.


Jeff Williams continues his master crafting of multi-tiered display stands that will brighten even the parking lot. As work progresses on this project, Jeff has turned his designer skills to a refurbishing of the large fountain area. Barrier walls and borders around the fountain are being rebuilt.

“I think we put these here some seven years ago,” Jeff recalls. “They are rotted and need replacing.” While time and weather create mature landscapes, they also take their toll on the environment. But Jeff and PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry will continue to keep vigilant eyes on needed repairs.

In the photo above, Jeff Williams checks the replacement layout of a new border before permanent fastening.

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