Late winter yard mowingNo matter the season, Perry Wellness Center periodically has some special visitors. Once again, state auditors from the state office are expected to visit the Perry Wellness Center campus shortly. The group will be reviewing the extensive documentation the center maintains to chart the progress of the peers who attend the recovery program. In addition to checking out written reports, the auditors are likely to speak with peers and staff and check out the overall environment.


Always wanting to show the center’s best face, Stuart Perry and staff always make sure that everything is as clean, tidy, and well-organized as possible. A pleasant environment is good for overall health and positive attitudes.


This week, peers and staff have been sprucing up the campus at PWC. Tyshaun Thomas is one peer who is already very involved in daily maintenance activities. A recent morning photo caught him hard at work on his latest project, as he mowed early spring grass around a building foundation. 

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