Lobby RenovationsAnyone who has visited the lobby area of Perry Wellness Center knows that it is a buzz of activity and energy. These days, the normal sounds of chatter are joined by the hubbub of painting and renovations. The typical “organized chaos” may seem just a bit disorganized. But the renovations are part of Stuart Perry’s master plan.


“I like for our front reception area to be bright and welcoming. I hope our new yellow paint will welcome peers and guests to the center.”


At Nakia Rhone’s organized reception desk, brightly colored fabric squares indicate that the talented young woman is hard at work on her latest quilt project. Her creations often bring another punch of color to the lobby area. Stuart appreciates her ability to multi-task.


“Nakia Rhone is great on the telephone and cordial to visitors,” he enthuses. “She has busy hands and wastes no time as she creates another quilt. This newest creation is probably another commission.”


Nakia has displayed and sold many quilts and crocheted items in her time at Perry Wellness Center. With the newly energized Perry Wellness Center lobby, we can only look forward to more!

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