2019 State AuditPerry Wellness Center is grateful to receive state and federal funds to help sustain its operating budget. Because of its use of state dollars, the center is subject to regular audits through the State of Georgia. The Georgia Collaborative ASO recently visited the campus to conduct a documentation audit of the program. Get ready for a little bragging!



The audit assessment is divided into four general areas, and PWC received high scores in all areas:

Billing Validation – 99%

Compliance with Service Guidelines – 94%

Assessment and Planning – 99%

Focused Outcome Areas – 99%



The auditors also provided a list of Review Highlights, citing areas of special merit. On the latest audit, highlights included:

“For the DBHDD Exceptional Recovery Reward and DBHDD Regional Outstanding Behavioral Health Provider (Region 6), the provider has partnered with several local businesses in the area, such as the Civitan Club, Magnolia Manor, and the Rosalynn Carter Institute, to provide donations and activities to the peers.” 

“The provider was recognized and received an award from the local paper, the Americus Times-Recorder, for the Sumter County 2018 Choice Award for Counseling Services.”

“Paper records were well-organized, as individuals accomplished their goals, such as: sticking to a budget, shopping independently, and obtaining their driver’s license. Individual Recovery Plans are updated to reflect these accomplishments and to add updated goals to their treatment plans.”



The nine-page audit report also noted comments made during peer and staff interviews. Peer comments included the following:

“I like Perry Wellness Center because they really care about me. The people are nice, sweet, and will help you with any challenge that you have.”

“This program offers new things, and they show love and care for you here at the Perry Wellness Center.”

“The staff comes to visit you when you are sick and need help. They help e with bills, housing, and take me to food banks when I need it. I feel I am treated equally among everyone here.”

[Re: attending the program] “It gets me out of the house. I enjoy working in the garden.”

“They have good food. They recognize your food allergies.”

“I love where I am, and the staff is so nice to me. I feel like a burden sometimes, because I just have one leg.”

Staff observations were also recorded:

“The Peer Center here is very special. We have a non-clinical setting that makes peers feel comfortable. We have addiction recovery programs that really help our individuals stay clean and sober.”

“I like how our program is very inviting and engaging. We have an open office policy for individuals here. We have a close-knot community, and everyone gets along well.”

“We help them with job applications and where they want to work. We teach transferable job skills by engaging them in taking care of the plants… help them prepare for interviews.”

“Our treatment team works well together. We work to help the peers. It’s like we are a family.”

“It’s a very free-flow environment. They have to attend group, but if an activity is not for them, they could do chair yoga or walking, for instance.”

“I’ve seen a lot of progress within the peers. There have been fewer crises, but moving toward progress. I love working here.”


After receiving and reading the Audit Review, Stuart Perry, CEO and Founder of Perry Wellness Center noted, “We are proud of our peers and our staff for their welcome to these three state auditors. I am happy with their findings and their appreciation for what we do. We believe we are doing good things, but to have outsiders visit and review our program is valuable.“

In the photo above, a smiling Stuart Perry reviews the positive results of the most recent state audit.

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