Herb bedsThe parking lot entrance to Perry Wellness Center is awash with color and fresh scents, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Williams and Randi Duncan. As part of our spring repairs and renewal, Jeff recently built three 4’ x 8’ elevated tables to serve as herb gardens. Under Randi's watchful eye and careful hands, a variety of spring herbs have now been planted.

The herbs include: garlic chives, onion chives, lavender, garlic sage, peppermint, cilantro, chocolate mint, German thyme, Quinault strawberries, Ozark beauty strawberries, sweet mint, spearmint, sweet basil, English thyme, flat Italian parsley, Italian oregano, Greek oregano, curled parsley, lemon thyme, and purple basil. All the plants were selected and purchased from local merchants. 

Randi explains, “We have offered herbs at Happy Patch Market in the past. I wanted to increase the variety so that our customers can select and enjoy more.” 

She continues to cultivate earthworms that will be used on all the market’s planting beds to aerate and fertilize the soil.

“These worms are asexual and can produce worms three times a week, or nine baby worms per week,” Randi shares. “If needed, I plan to add these active worms to these gardens.”

In the photo above, Randi Duncan plants herb varieties in the tabletop herb gardens at the entrance to Perry Wellness Center.

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