New plant watering system 1Progress continues on several campus improvement projects at Perry Wellness Center. Jeff Williams is at the center of planning for several current market-related projects, lending his construction and creative skills as needed. While the end results are always worth the effort, doing the prep work for new plant stands and expanded water coverage requires much planning, construction, and finishing touches. 


Applying the “end caps” marketing technique used at WalMart and many other stores, Jeff is currently designing and building new plant display space at the western entrance to the market. When customers enter or leave the market, their eyes will be drawn to the latest displays of colorful plants.


Stuart Perry explains, “We want to show off our plants and remind customers that they need the color and assortment of the plants.”


As new displays are created, coverage for wanting plants must also expand, in order to ensure adequate water for the upcoming hot days of summer. Next project: an updated sprinkler system. Jeff’s latest mission has been to find the right sprinkler regulator for the updated system. 


New water system 2“We have found that Lowe’s has most all we need to manage the center and the market,” Jeff says with a smile. “Each time I discover something that will save money and make it easier to complete our projects, I first check Lowe’s to see if they have it.”

The local Lowe’s store has been a longtime supporter of the center.


As expected, Lowe’s had the perfect sprinkler regulator, complete with a “quick connect” hose adapter and a stream adjustment feature. It’s all in the details!


In the photos, creative planner Jeff Williams and market staff member Jamie Minick discuss plantings in one of the renewed areas near the PWC entrance, and Jeff examines and sets up the latest addition to the new sprinkler system.


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