Fountain of HopeDuring the spring renewal of the Perry Wellness Center campus, one current project is literally requiring some heavy lifting. The Fountain of Hope, constructed five years ago by project designer Jeff Williams, is being taken apart and refurbished.

“When we cast the components of this large fountain, we were not aware of the weight of these different parts,” Jeff explains. “I am now replacing the pump in the fountain, and I realize how heavy each piece is.”

When the brightly colored fountain was completed as a centerpiece of Hope Park, it became a campus focal point. Keeping the fountain in good working order is important, but a maintenance issue had threatened its efficiency. For its safe operation, the water level must be monitored daily to keep it at an optimum level. This task had not been assigned on a daily basis to particular staff members, but that status has changed.

“Our staff people at Happy Patch Market have agreed to monitor the fountain,” Jeff relates. “They know to add water or turn the water pump off when they leave.”

Both staff and peers welcome the renewed sounds of the fountain, as it once again eases the stresses of the day with the gentle splash of water.

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