Repotting Hanging BasketsAt the bustling Spring 2019 market, hanging baskets are one of the more popular customer purchases, and Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry knows that the customer is always right!

“With our increase in market customers and our mobile market, we are working to meet customer requests. Our hanging basket market is thriving, and we are working to meet demand,” Stuart explains.

Staff are hard at work on repotting plants to prepare them for sale. The transfer of a plant for a growing part to its hanging basket can be a delicate process. To make that process as efficient as possible, Stuart has passed on to market staff a trick of the trade he learned from his parents.

Rudy’s Happy Patch Market staff member Debbie Bissallion says, “Stuart showed me the way to cleanly cut the bottom roots of the plants and save the soil. We will experiment with the roots that are cut and will possibly grow a new plant.” She adds, “Stuart believes in re-using all we can in this market.”

Debbie notes that customers are buying the newly planted hanging baskets as quickly as she can prepare them. “For now,” she concludes, “We are working to provide what our customers need.”

In the photo above, Debbie Bissallion completes another replanting at the market. 

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