Trey SuttlesRudy’s Happy Patch Market is happy to welcome a new local farm provider to its growing roster. Trey Suttles, an Andersonville resident, recently moved his company, Mill-Right Mechanical, to the area and reached out to Perry Wellness Center soon after.


“I attended Georgia Southwestern State University and chose to return to Americus,” Suttles explains. “I want to be a part of good things and came to view Happy Patch Market and Perry Wellness Center.”


During a visit with Market Manager Kelly Jansen, Suttles surveyed the product offerings at the market and obtained information about becoming a market provider. During their discussions, Suttle asked if the market sold brown eggs. That question grabbed the attention of Jansen and others in the market. Interest only increased when Suttles mentioned that he currently has 21 hens, three roosters, and a brood of young biddies.


“We can work to bring brown eggs to this market,” Jansen shares. He asked Suttles to help out in this endeavor, and Suttles agreed.  Now they are preparing for their future partnership at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.


Welcome, Trey Suttles!

In the above photo, Trey Suttles, left, chats with Kelly Jansen at Rudy’s Happy Patdch Market. 

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