Three sistersIn keeping with our recent theme of customer interactions, we bring our readers a recent gathering of three special sisters at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

The three individuals were part of eight siblings – four girls and four boys, all with a family connection to Perry Wellness Center. Mickey Keene (pictured, center, in the photo above) is the mother of PWC’s own Pam Perry and mother-in-law of the center’s founder and CEO, Stuart Perry. Phyllis Smith (pictured, right) is a longtime PWC employee manager, with a real focus on health and nutrition. The third sister, Annette Tribble (pictured, left) is about to be a new arrival to the area – a cause of celebration for the family.

Youngest sister Phyllis Smith explained, “We are trying to increase our appreciation of our family. Two of us live locally, and a third sister (Annette) is moving back from Titusville, Florida. I guess she will have to see the space launches on the news. She now lives near the space center. At each launch, her neighbors meet to celebrate.”

Sister Annette Tribble said, “These girls brought me to see this place. I am shopping!” She and the other sisters enjoyed the color and variety at the market on this bright morning. Sounds like an enjoyable way to have a mini family reunion!

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