Armageddon landscapingThanks to Perry Wellness Center peer efforts and plant inventory, some Marion County spaces are looking their best these days. PWC staff member and Marion County resident Mulkey McMichael knows that the best advertising is not always a billboard, but a demonstration, and the landscaping projects he helped create are not only brightening the environment, but drawing new customers to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Over three years ago, Armageddon International founder and CEO Tom Fuller modernized some old barracks he had moved to Highway 30 outside of Buena Vista. He was contacted by Mulkey with an offer to plan landscape design for his property and to arrange for labor and supplies, both of which came from Perry Wellness Center. Fuller was pleased to utilize the recovery center and readily accepted the offer.

Five peers made the trip from Americus to Buena Vista and completed their landscaping task in two days. They planted double bloom red Knockout roses, along with ferns, palms, and smaller plants. The results speak for themselves in the first photo, above.

Tazewell Baptist landscapingMulkey now maintains the extensive planting and is delighted with the long-term results. He explains, “This belief in our plants and peers began a great advertising of our products and services. Marion County customers have been great to come down and get Knockout roses and other plants.” 

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry adds, “I want to thank Tom Fuller for choosing us to landscape Armageddon. This project has sold many plants for us at Happy Patch Market.”

A second project in Marion County also featured PWC landscaping, when Mulkey was contacted by Larry and Pam Sims to landscape the reconstructed Tazewell Baptist Church. The front entrance is now brightened by Knockout roses and yellow irises from the market, as shown in the second photo.

Now with the success of the mobile market in Buena Vista each month, other homeowners and businesses are discovering the joys of spring planting with our growing market inventory.

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