Today’s post was written by peer Annie Ruth Thomas, in order to thank others for their support during a recent health crisis Thank you, Annie Ruth, for sharing your story.


An Open Letter to Caregivers“In May, 2017, my journey started in my desire to improve my health and state of life. I had a total knee replacement. That year – 2017-- was the worst year of my life. I would like to thank everyone that stood by me. My best friends were my two daughters. They were with me from the beginning. They were still with me as I kept falling and bursting my staples used in closing my incision. There was nothing that Dr. Fennessy did. I really thank Kenneth Christmas for being there for me. 

I have had five surgeries. I got so depressed when I had to have my leg amputated. I thought about suicide. I thought of taking all of my pain pills. I felt like half a woman. My daughters told me, ‘Mama, you have too much to lose and you would hurt lots of people.’ Believe me, it was a struggle every day of my life! 

I thank Shanesha for coming and spending the nights with me. I love you so much! To everybody I really do thank you all so much. I was so glad to return to Perry Wellness Center. I realize that the same thing that has happened to me could happen to others. Lord have mercy! I saved the best thoughts for last. Rhonda Hubbard was there for all of the times I needed some company. Rhonda brought me gowns and food, and anything she thought I needed, I only had to call Rhonda for any of my needs, no matter how much it cost. 

Dorothy Seay, Jeanette Williams, thank y'all . Sherry was my cigarette person. Thank you all so much. My daughters are my pride and joy. Nathshia Thomas, Lawanda Thomas and Shanesha Edge are special and I thank them. I thank my neighbors. I love and thank them -- Margie and Sherlene and others in my neighborhood. I am so thankful for Mrs. Pam and Mr. Stuart for helping me with everything and for helping me pay my bills and sending clothes to help me and checking on me. They did what I needed. My friends, at the Perry Wellness Center would call me. That made me feel good. Shanesha and Essie Fulks stood by me. There were so many that I do not have room to thank them.

I am struggling every day and the leg is still painful. When I was so depressed, my friend, Gloria Lester, was there, and she still comes over every day. Sometimes, I get in my depressed mood and Esie Fulkes, Jamica, Kelly, Jackie, Amanda, Mary Sedenia, Sherry, Tameika and others help me. These are just a few of them. Stuart made sure that Chloe came over every day to check on me. She was the best and would provide whatever I wanted to eat. They will always be a part of my life and my ongoing recovery. Gloria went through some things. This is why we communicate with each other and share our trials. Bless you all!“


Here, Annie Ruth Thomas poses before Rudy’s Happy Patch Market at Perry Wellness Center.

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