Stuart Perry 60Last week held a special day of celebration at Perry Wellness Center, when peers, staff, and family came together to celebrate Stuart Perry’s 60thbirthday. Before Stuart’s arrival at the center, daughter Amanda Perry and several peers had spend the early morning in preparation for his arrival. When Stuart did arrive, he was greeted by peer/chauffeur Rhonda Hubbard, who drove his golf cart to the classroom building, where well-wishers waited. The group broke into applause as he exited the golf cart, then greeted him with a round of hugs.

As he headed into the building, Stuart noted the streamers and colorful balloons. On the entrance doors, dozens of photographs depicted his life from elementary school to the past week. Inside his office, other decorations awaited his review, along with dozens of birthday cards. After taking everything in, a beaming Stuart emerged to thank peers and staff for their birthday welcome.

The sentiments of the day were later summed up his daughter, Amanda, in a Facebook post which read:

Perry family on birthday“Happy 60thbirthday to the one and only Stuart Perry! I am so blessed to call this amazing man my daddy. If you know him you love him! This is the man who has never met a stranger and loves everyone equally. Daddy, you touched and continue to touch so many people’s lives with your love for God and Faith and Strength to never, ever give up! You push people to be their absolute best and catch us if we fall. You have helped me to strive to be a better person and have a heart to love everyone. You really are wonderful inside and out and I pray you know how many people love you!! I can’t tell you enough how much you mean to me (even if we aggravate each other!). I love you more than words. Here’s to 60 and MANY, MANY MORE!!!”

We hope you had a wonderful birthday, Stuart! As Amanda said, here’s to many, many more!

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