PachelbelIf you'd like to calm your emotions, slow your heart rate, and relax your mind, listen to the music of nature.  Do you find the sound of ocean waves soothing?  Does the sound of crickets or birdsong cheer you? Research has shown that nature sounds do have a therapeutic effect on people's health -- both mental and physical.  It's even been used with newborn babies.

You can find lots of free or low-cost downloads of nature sounds by just searching the web, then save them for listening to on your Ipod, laptop, or phone. One interesting site even allows you to create your own combination of sounds and then download them.

YouTube is another good source of nature sounds, including videos that combine them with soothing music.  Here's a really great example: Pachabel's Canon in D. 

Whatever your particular taste, you can find a nature recording that can become part of your own wellness regimen.  Happy listening!

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