Visit from Puerto RicoPerry Wellness Center welcomes numerous local and southwest Georgia visitors each day to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. This week, we were happy to meet a visitor from Puerto Rico.

Sumter County resident Melba Clements stopped by to check out the latest plants on display. With her, she brought visiting friend Donna Cisneros.

“I am visiting Plains right now,” Cisneros explained. “But I have lived in Viequis, Puerto Rico for 16 years. I like to come back to visit friends.”

Clements wanted to share her appreciation for the local market with her friend. As she browsed, she noted, “These plants are really well cared for. They are lush and green. These staff members must water several times a day!”

After reviewing the garden items in stock, the pair filled a cart with garden produce and plants, including a brightly flowering geranium. Pictured, left to right, are Melba Clements and Donna Cisneros.

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