Hummingbird feedersAt Perry Wellness Center, our slogan continues to be, “You will leave with a smile.” For peers, we hope that this slogan applies to them learning new life skills on the road to recovery. For the general public, it applies to everything from the discovery of their favorite plant at Happy Patch Market to their appreciation of the bright and cheery campus.

One of the latest efforts at campus beautification is one staff member’s attempt to attract “birds of a different feather” to the campus environs. Martha Allgood recently shared her creative talents by positioning commercial humming bird feeders in the inverted frames of small hanging baskets.

“I love humming birds and want to lure them to our campus,” Martha explains. “I designed and erected this triple hanger with peers. I hope the birds will soon find this new feeding site.”

We think that birds will be drawn to the feeders and the lush environment that surrounds them, with its fountains, walking trails, and overhanging trees.

In the picture above, James, Baron, Laurie Slayton, Debra Clayton, and Patrick Pilcher watch for the first arrival of humming birds in Hope Park.

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