Okra HarvestOne of the valuable lessons peers have learned with their vegetable gardens: harvest early, and harvest often.

This motto certainly applies to okra, which Rudy’s Happy Patch customers prefer with young, small pods. After the most recent gathering of okra from plant beds, discussion was held on the importance of harvesting small pods.

Stuart Perry knows that the benefits of raising on-campus crops are balanced by the increased maintenance. Young crops must be weeded and watered frequently. Daily harvesting is another factor.

“We know that the harvest of our on-campus crops can be tricky,” Stuart acknowledges. “With the large number of plants now in production, we must harvest daily.”

He believes the benefits make the endeavor worthwhile. Peers gain gardening experience, and customers get produce that is the freshest possible.

In the photo above, peer Tyshaun Thomas fills a basket with small-pod okra for delivery to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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