Hard work and spiritual grounding are two elements in recovery. A recent visit by a remarkable group of students reminded us that they are also motivating factors in making the world better.

Twelve students who are members of the Indian Orthodox Church and Global Outreach Ministries recently spent two days at Perry Wellness Center, where they assisted us with daily projects on the grounds as well as sessions with peer members.

The group included students from New York, Oklahoma, Washington, New Jersey, and Georgia, who plan to become ministers, physicians, missionaries, counselors, and nutritionists. Led by full-time mission intern Braylan Erlich, the group quickly made itself at home in South Georgia. Their most important tool? Dryer sheets! They quickly discovered their benefit in keeping pesky gnats away.

During two days of work, fun, and fellowship, PWC gained a renewed appreciation for spiritual ministry which not only brings prayers to hearts but hands to work. Our thanks to these committed young people!

Global Ministries

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