Hand washing hygieneMaintaining proper hygiene is an important life skill for everyone year-round, but in summer, there are particular concerns associated with heat and increased travel. In a recent group discussion, “Beat the Heat,” staff and peers reviewed guidelines for keeping things clean this time of year, with a focus on hand washing.

Travel during summer months can make individuals a little lax about following their normal routine. But simple things like washing one’s hands regularly can make a difference. On planes or public transportation, germs and bacteria linger. Even at home, people may tend to wash their hands less often, thinking that it is more important during “flu season.” But a variety of diseases, including the flu, can be transmitted during any time of the year.

Following a proper handwashing routine includes everything from taking the proper amount of time to lather and rinse to drying one’s hands thoroughly afterward. Did you know that wet hands transfer germs more easily than dry ones? We didn’t! So take those extra few seconds to dry your hands after cleaning them. As for taking time with cleaning, one recommendation is to sing Happy Birthday silently while you wash. When the song is over, your work is done!

In order to drive home the point about the importance of hand washing, each restroom in Perry Wellness Center has a reminder sign that details proper hand washing, along with soap, hand sanitizer, and fresh paper towels. 

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