Emergency drillsThe operation of a program such as Perry Wellness Center requires ensuring that the facilities and campus are safe at all times. For this reason, staff and peers conduct regular disaster and fire drills. A recent drill was typical in its procedures.

Instructions were first provided to peers and staff in an assembly in the instructional building by Brittany McCumber, CPS. In the instructions, any peer with a disability was assigned to pair up with a peer who attends the center regularly. Individuals were also instructed on the location of the “safe meeting zone” in the classroom building, kitchen, market, and greenhouse offices. McCumber also reviewed the ready escape access for all groups, including exit doors and ramps. 

After this information was reviewed, the entire groups exited the instruction building and assembled at their respective safe meeting zones. After the first drill, daily attendance was checked and those not present were noted for later instruction.

When the first drill was completed, McCumber announced a second drill. Peers and staff returned to their original locations and then exited again to the safe meeting zones. All drills were required to be completed in less than two minutes. 

The routine of emergency drills may not be as fun as some group activities at PWC, but few activities are more important. All peers and staff were cooperative and even enthusiastic during the recent drills, so thanks to all!

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