Market ReunionRudy’s Happy Patch Market is often a place for happy reunions among friends, neighbors, customers, peers, and employees. Recently, long-time customer Maureen stopped by the market, along with a potted plant she had purchased in early spring. She immediately sought out market staffer Jamie Minick.

“I have tried to move this plant and offer it the best location at my house,” Maureen explained. “It looks healthy and full of buds and blooms, but I am afraid that I am not providing the best care.”

The Amandavelia plant she brought does not trail like similar varieties. Jamie and Maureen decided to place the plant at the entry to Perry Wellness Center.

“Reunions are really fun,” said Jamie with a smile. “I have met many former and new friends at Rudy’s Happy Patch. The traffic here is incredible, and it is a fun place to work.”

It turns out that not only is Maureen a good market customer; she was the midwife who helped deliver her friend’s daughter!

In the photo above, Jamie Minick, right, embraces her friend Maureen outside Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

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