Weed RemovalDuring the dog days of summer, two dedicated Perry Wellness Center peers are always ready to tackle garden maintenance in the campus garden area. In the spring, okra, tomatoes, and peppers grew abundantly, requiring regular oversight.

“We realize that this is a productive area on our campus,” explains PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “With abundant water, the plants grow quickly and large.” Smiling, he added, “The weeds grow, too.”

Enter WillIe Pryor (“Mr. Willie”) and Tyshaun Thomas to the rescue. They recently used the weed eater, blower, and largest waste can they could find to cut and discard the abundant supply of weeds in the garden area.

“I never see these two doing nothing,” Stuart notes. “They have learned most maintenance chores on our campus, and I am thankful for what they have learned, what they do, and their desire to do more.”

Here, Mr. Willie and Tyshaun work fast to clean up the garden area at Perry Wellness Center. 

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