Restocking CoolerLast week we shared with our readers the labor-intensive task recently undertaken by Jeff Williams and several peer assistants at Perry Wellness Center. As they cleared space to begin planning for Christmas Tree Wonderland storage, they found themselves moving a massive commercial cooler to a new location.

“I don’t think Jeff has completely recovered,” says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “He did a great job as project leader!”

But staff were not finished with the cooler. As the refrigerator unit, unplugged and unloaded for the move, rose to its proper temperature, market staff members sprang into action. They began to restock it with products that had been emptied for the move.

There is never time to waste during the busy summer season at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Stuart explains, “We had another record weekend in the market. I want to be sure that we have all of our vegetables in for customer selection.”

In the photo above, Debbie Bissallion carefully reloads the large refrigeration unit with fruits and vegetables.

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