Okra and TomatoesFrom the first planting of small seeds, staff member Bob Ledbetter has looked forward to the time he could harvest the fertile gardens of Perry Wellness Center.

“This garden is really fertile,” Bob notes, pointing to one area. “I like to plant tomatoes and okra here. With regular watering, this area will produce tons of okra and tomatoes for the market.” Although a novice farmer, he has learned to gather the vegetables in the coolest part of the morning. 

On one such recent morning, Bob got out with volunteer peer Tyshaun Thomas, pictured above, to harvest the latest crop of okra.

Since okra and tomatoes were mentioned, here are a few ideas for meals featuring two of summer’s favorite offerings:

Southern Living Classic Okra and Tomatoes:


As the name implies, this is the classic Southern recipe for stewed okra and tomatoes.

Charred Okra and Tomatoes:


If you are vegetarian or like a little kick in your veggies, try this recipe.

Fried Okra and Green Tomatoes:


The only cooking more Southern than stewing is frying! Breaded okra, tomatoes, and onions make the perfect summer dish.

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