Jerry BlankenshipAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we like to think that our return customers come back for both the freshest summer produce and our famous service with a smile (and lots of conversation).

Even in the tough summer heat, locals venture out at all times of day to gather farm-fresh vegetables and other products. Two local shoppers told us why they frequent Happy Patch.


One recent visitor was Jerry Blankenship, pictured above with Brian Thomas. Mr. Blankenship had this observation:

“You all have the best tomatoes in Sumter County. I have been here five times and keep coming back. Thanks for being here and for your good customer service. I will be back!”


Lula Mae WaltersAnother recent visitor was Lula Mae Walters, pictured below, who stopped by on an early morning outing for Elberta peaches.

“I come here many times each year,“ Mrs. Walters noted. “It is fun to see the fresh vegetables from local farmers. I try to buy my vegetables from farmers that I recognize.” But she also observed, “The list of farmers has increased, and I’d like to try them all.”


Thanks to all our loyal customers!

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