Rick PriceWhen visitors stop by Perry Wellness Center or Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, they can rest assured that interaction with staff and peers will be present. One of the reasons that the market was established was to provide a way for peers interact with the public, while visitors learned more about mental health in a non-threatening environment.

To ensure that peers’ interaction with visitor, staff, and each other is a positive experience, PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry coaches peers on appropriate social behavior. He explains, “We have groups and session most every week to address personal behavior and non-offensive conversation. I am sure that I miss things, but my staff works hard to stem any possible conflicts.”

Stuart himself enjoys nothing more than greeting visitors and engaging in conversation on sports, market activity, or local current events. As someone who once struggled with depression, he knows the value of maintaining good communication and friendships.

Here, Stuart Perry visits with longtime friend, Rick Price, left, at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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