Goal JournalsFor anyone who has ever kept a daily diary or journal, the value of personal review and reflection is helpful in making life improvements. In a recent SMARTS Goal group, Meagan Owens led peers in developing their personal journals.

Each peer in the group received a new composition tablet, along with colorful markers and pens. Peers were asked to personalize their own journals, as goal-setting and monitoring were reviewed.

“These new books are theirs,” Owens, a certified peer specialist explained. “They will increase ownership of the books and their entries in these books. As we review their entries, we will discuss with them what we can do to accomplish their goals for life improvement.”

In the photo above, left to right, Jeannette Williams, Awan Smith, Brittany McCumbers, CPS, Meagan Owens, CPS, and Tamika Brown work on peer goals.

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