Framed PuzzleCompleting jigsaw puzzles is a popular pastime for several peers at Perry Wellness Center. As individuals looks for activities to occupy them on breaks, many reach for a jigsaw puzzle from the center’s growing puzzle collection.

Tamika Brown is one such individual. Recently she completed a new 300-piece puzzle, donated to the center by a supporter. In addition to fitting the pieces together, Tamika was ready to tackle a new project: making the completed puzzle a permanent picture.

“This is the first time I have used a recipe to make the finished puzzle more permanent,” Tamika explained. “I learned that I can take Elmer’s glue and coat the face of the finished puzzle. When it dries, I will turn it over and apply an adhesive backing. The only thing that I need to complete this project is a frame. I will have it in time for ‘Arts in Rees Park.’” She was referring to the annual arts and crafts display and sale in historic Rees Park, across from the PWC campus.

In addition to displaying her project at this weekend’s art sale, Tamika plans to teach others the puzzle finishing procedure in a group session at the center.

Thanks, Tamika, for sharing your creative outlet with others!

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