Morning walkThe days may still be hot in Southwest Georgia, but a dedicated group of Perry Wellness Center peers and staff doesn’t let the weather stop them from a morning walk. Twice each week, they depart the east exit of the main classroom building and head up “cardiac hill” to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Taking this short cut to nearby Rees Park, they continue the walk with several laps around the historic park. A walking path makes the route easy, and the surrounding scenery – trees, flowers, statues, gazebo – makes the walk a pleasant one.

The group also manages to combine exercise with socializing and sharing. Certified peer specialist Chloe Milsaps explains, "We have varied topics that we discuss as we walk two days a week. There is no gossip time but discussion about our days at Perry Wellness Center and our lives. We share. Today, we talked about our diet, good foods, and health issues. The walk and the conversation is good."

In the photo above, from left, Johnny Wiggins, Chloe Milsaps, Paul Dickson, and Patrick Pilcher begin their morning walk around Rees Park.

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