Sexual health presentationOnly a few years ago, discussions of sexual health and safety were rarely brought up in public settings. Now, with the increased numbers of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), healthcare providers are reaching out to provide important information.

Recently, Ansley Evans, a public health LPN, visited Perry Wellness Center to share HIV and other STD information with interested peers. She covers a total of 11 counties in Southwest Georgia.

Evans noted, “Some 250,000 citizens have HIV diseases and do not know. This is why we offer free information, condoms, and testing. If we discover HIV, we must contact the patient’s physician. The information is never entered into any client’s information files. I stress that sexual abstinence is the best protection against STD and other sexual issues.”

After Evans held an information session, she distributed brochures to peers about proper use of protection and safeguarding men’s and women’s health.

“I normally find that girls are more interested in the information and free condoms,” the busy nurse observed. “We have found that many boys and men do not like to admit using the protection.”

Taking care of one’s physical health and being responsible are important for all, regardless of gender. We appreciate the work of healthcare providers like Ansley Evans in rural Georgia.

In the photo above, Ansley Evans shares educational material during sexual healthcare discussion.

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