Mood discussion“Don’t worry; be happy.” The words to a long-ago pop song could be the theme music for a recent morning group at Perry Wellness Center. Staff member and certified peer specialist Scott G. led a group discussion on what makes one happy or angry. The group of 68 peers and staff listened attentively as Scott described the importance of anger control and of finding ways to feel happier.

Scott explained, “Being happy is not stressful on the body, and a smile welcomes good things. Anger can come quickly, but we need to be ready to address the cause.”

As the group continued, peers offered their own experiences in managing their moods along with personal solutions. The enthusiastic group came to the attention of Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, who took his seat to learn more and offer his own comments.

The group took advantage of Stuart’s presence to share their thoughts about his own mood management. Said one peer, “Stuart once made me angry. Now he can speak, and I may hear him, but it does not bother me.”

Another peer teased, “I have learned that there are times to talk to Stuart, but never about loaning money. That can make him angry!”

As seen from his broad smile in the above photo, Stuart took the comments in stride. The morning group was the first in a series of groups on the topic, “Be Happy.” From the lively discussion and laughter, it sounds like the series is off to a good start.

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