Happiness Group 2In his second group discussion on Being Happy, certified peer specialist Scott G. recently opened his morning group at Perry Wellness Center with words of encouragement and suggestions for “passing good forward” to others. 

In one example, Scott related the story of a drive-in restaurant customer who paid the bill for a couple in the car behind him. Even though he did not know the couple, the restaurant patron felt happy that he was able to make this small, unexpected gesture. And surely this surprise brightened the couple’s day!

As Scott shared personal stories from his own life relationships, listening peers spoke up and began to offer positive remembrances in their lives.

“You must realize that there are many things that can be done to make you enjoy life and bring happiness,” Scott explained. “You do not have to brag about good things that you do. It will make you happier and make you feel better yourself. The payback for your goodness will show with good things in your life.”

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry offered his appreciation for the groups on happiness and life betterment. “I do appreciate the research and delivery of groups done by our CPS staff,” Stuart said. “They have been good!”

In the photo above, Scott G. describes the happiness that can be found by doing good for others.

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