Health ProtectionAlthough it doesn’t feel like flu season yet, we are heading into the peak months for transmission of the flu. Because peers and staff at Perry Wellness center are in a closed environment several hours per day, staff are being vigilant in educating everyone about how to avoid catching or spreading the flu.

For the second time in recent weeks, a morning group discussion topic was health betterment and preventing winter diseases. Certified peer specialist Brittany McCumber led the group in discussion about the flu virus, in particular.

“Be sure to take the flu shot,” she stressed. “You can sign up today, and we will see that you receive the shot. If you feel sick or think you might be getting sick with a cold or virus, please do not come to Perry Wellness Center. We will take you to the doctor and help all we can.”

Health management is a serious issue at PWC. As a total wellness program, staff make it a personal responsibility to see that peers are aware of potential health problems and that they are able to take preventive or early intervention measures.

In the photo above, Brittany McCumber, CPS (standing) reviews seasonal health tips with peers.

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